Chef Tesia Bunton

"I believe that to eat is a necessity but to eat intelligently is an art . Remember that your body is a temple ; treat it as such."  Chef Tesia Bunton
​Chef Tesia Bunton 
​Chef Tesia's mission is to provide healthy, flavorful and creative meals using her unique culinary perspective. With over 14 years as a professional in the Food Service & Hospitality Industry Chef Bunton continues reinventing, reinterpreting and reinvigorating the food scene. With her exquisite technique, and perfectly balanced flavors and signature style she has been recognized in hotels and restaurants in large cities across the East Coast.
Chef Tesia is a Buffalo, NY native who began her culinary career at the young age of 14. She attended 2 years of classes at Erie1Boces Career & Technical Center. Upon completion of her high school education she also recieved certification in the Culinary and Baking & Pastry Arts from the center. During and after high school Tesia found her passion in kitchens across the Queen City and stumbled upon her dream career. With numerous culinary competitions under her belt she began volunteering at large events under top Chefs she worked with through jobs she attained and word of mouth
In 2006 Tesia made the move to Hyde Park, New York where she was accepted into the world renowned Culinary Institute of America. After recieving her degree in Culinary Arts from classical French training at The CIA Bunton then moved on to seek other culinary ventures down south. 
Fast foward to 2009 where Tesia helped open and began working in some of the top restaurants and hotels the south had to offer. She was fortunate enough to work with multimillion dollar companies such as Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants Group, Concentrics Restaurants & Hospitality firm, Fifth Groups Restaurants, and HMS Host , Serpas True Food, Buttermilk Kitchen, TWO Urban Licks, Ecco, and Central 214 just to name a few. After starting as a line cook in 2008 and 3 short years later began traveling as Chef de Cuisine in cities such as Atlanta, Miami/ South Beach, Dallas ; Chef Tesia Bunton then set out to take her culinary career to the next level. After providing services to some of the elite and being fortunate enough to serve celebritites such as Common, Lawernce Fishburne, Keanu Reeves, John Leguizamo, Dolly Parton, Cortney B. Vance. Pooch Hal, Rod Simons,  and others; she wanted to be able to provide her culinary creations and display her passionately driven food in a different way. This is when she founded Queen City Cuisine LLC in August of 2013. Over the past few years Chef Tesia has provided an incredible farm-to-table approach in her cooking. She does her best to use organic and locally sourced ingredients to excite the palate's of her clients. Her 12 plus years in restaurants has allowed her to expand her culinary knowledge immensely. Distinguished in her industry Chef Bunton prides herself on her background which has lead her to be able to grow into a passionate busines owner and well- rounded Chef.