Chef Tesia Bunton

"I believe that to eat is a necessity but to eat intelligently is an art . Remember that your body is a temple ; treat it as such."  Chef Tesia Bunton
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​​Queen City Cuisine LLC 

Many families today are turning to Personal Chefs to prepare them delicious and healthy meals. What better way to experince this than through Chef Tesia Bunton's business Queen City Cuisine LLC which provides Personal Chef Services among an array of other unique services.  If you are struggling to find time to cook or are looking for alternatives to the drive-thru window, Chef Tesia Bunton can take the pressure off your shoulders, and provide delicious meals for you and your family in the convenience of your own home. With reasonable prices for the everday family what seemed unattainable to some is becoming more and more available for families across the country.
Using high quality ingredients, responsibly sourced meats and sustainable seafood, farm-sourced seasonal ingredients
tailored to your preferences is what Chef Bunton specializes in. Whether you have a gluten sensitivity, are a vegetarian, pescatarian, an athlete or clean eater watching your caloric intake, or follow a strict Paleo diet she has you covered. 

She is a licensed business owner, member of the United States Personal Chef Association and has her certification in ServSafe Food Safety Management.
How It Works
Getting Started
As your personal chef, Chef Bunton wants to understand what you like to eat and your dietary goals.  Meet with Chef Bunton and tell her what you need.  It's that simple. Armed with this information, she will customize menus for you and assist you in selecting an initial set of meals for your first cook date.

Cooking Day
Chef Bunton gets an early start shopping for the freshest ingredients.  Once she's made her customary stops, she heads straight over to your home.  All you need to provide is a working kitchen and room in the fridge to store the finished meals.  Everything is prepared fresh to your specifications in the convenience of your own home.

Dinner Time
When you arrive home, you will be greeted with the aroma of your freshly prepared meals.  You will also find the kitchen exactly as you left it.  As you open the refrigerator you will see the meals organized into individual or family style servings.  Each container will be labeled with specific heating and serving instructions.

Chef Tesia Bunton has extensive culinary knowledge ranging from her time in restaurants to building her own business. With her experience you will enjoy a restaurant quality meal in the privacy of your home. 
What better way to host a Girl/Guys night in, Book Club event, Baby shower, Surprise dinner, or Mix&Mingle event than in the privacy of your own home. Whether you want to host your guests OR split the bill. Queen City Cuisine bundled Personal Chef Services will allow you the time and conveniece to enjoy your guests.
You decide the menu. Your Chef will sit with you to customize a menu based on your culinary desires and event/party themes. Chef Tesia Bunton will provide show stopping service that will leave you and your guests with pleased palates and never ending memories!